Chapter History

During the spring of 1970, the men of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity decided to undertake the formation of a little sister organization. Their ultimate goal was to form a local sorority which would be chartered by a national sorority. On May 14th, interested girls and the men of Delta Tau Delta met to form the skeleton of the organization. So it went, through the summer and into the fall. There were ups and downs, and slowly but surely the group pulled through. In the fall of 1971 came the first pledge class, the Sigma Deltas, Sigma for Sister and Delta for Delta Tau Delta. The 1971-1972 year saw a lot of hard work and broken nails while the girls chose the sorority with which they wanted to affiliate. Finally, a petition for colonization was sent to Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity for women. On May 7th, 1972, Eta Theta colony of Zeta Tau Alpha was installed.

The summer was spent learning about Zeta and making plans for rush in the fall. There was a lot to be done, and the girls were enthusiastic workers. Their efforts brought about a good pledge class in the fall. 

More work and more fun, with visits from field secretaries, the province president, and Zetas from other chapters in the province--the Eta Thetas laughed and cried while they prepared for installation. After a year, the Executive Committee at International Headquarters decided they were ready. On May 5th, 1973, the 161st link was added to Zeta's chain of chapters and sixteen happy girls received the badge of Zeta Tau Alpha. 

The charter members of Eta Theta were: Ann Charmichael, Margaret Wichard, Virginia Shoulders, Jan Johnson, Kim Morrill, Sue Walker, Chin Wang, Fay Schubert, Patti Kackly, Monica Lapp, Roberta Wilhelm, Jeanne Rowden, Pam Thompson, Jackie Yates, Barbara Ross, and Sharon Shaver. The first president of Eta Theta was Virginia Shoulders.

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